Are briley chokes worth the money. One worth having is a sling. With a screw choke gun I suggest 6 choke tubes - 2 skeet, 2 light mods and 2 improved mod. I’ve left the . 0 out of 5 stars Great choke tube wrench. The K-80 Skeet variant offers a choice of barrels from 28in, with a 10-6mm tapered flat rib. At the time, I was looking for a cheap step up from the factory chokes, and at $40, the Briley extended chokes seemed like a good . I use a Briley extended Light Mod in my M2. Young Join Date: Oct 2006 Location: Denton, TX Hunt In: Tom Green County I use a Briley Light Mod for ducks over decoys. Sold: March 2014; Heritage Auctions, Atlanta, GA, ANA National Money Show US Coins Signature Auction In 1909, the Indian Head penny was replaced . 410 bore, is the smallest shotgun shell in commercial ammo production. ly/2osLio4Today I pattern tested a kicks high flyer choke tube and compared it to the patterns from my Winchester SX4 choke . Killed a lot of birds . Briley MFG, 1230, Lumpkin Rd, Houston, TX 77043 NEW HOURS! Showroom and Sales: Monday-Friday 8-5 • Saturday 8-12 • Sunday: CLOSED Gun Fitting: By appointment only. Mar 28, 2012. 10 Gauge Chokes 12 Gauge Chokes 20 Gauge Chokes. Briley Diffusion Choke. In Nigel’s Malmesbury factory I asked him about his secret to success. Savings % Off. You will want to keep targets close with an open choke; within 25 yards is ideal. I would recommend him if you can't find some one in ky you want to The runner-up cash prize was $2,500, with cash also awarded to 3rd place, Master, and Concurrent levels. Last match , 4 , 5lb boxes of bacon, 2 , 50 dollar money rounds , a Boston butt and something else I can't remember. Extra Rem-Choke tubes are available, including very tight versions for use on turkeys. I do have a good local guy too. In Stock. A SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR EXTRA. Choke Tubes 3 Count-4TH Gen. But money cannot make your hunting successful; it’s your talent as well. If you get extended chokes, Carlson , Turlock,Briley are all very good . What’s The Average Choke Price? Numerous chokes at various costs range from $25 up to $400 or more depending on which kind and quality you prefer. These are the Crio Plus chokes which are some of the longer choke tubes out there and they fit perfectly, two choke tubes (TruGlo Gobble Stopper and Carlson Long Beard XR) and the Carlson choke tube wrench in the middle section. Fed 20 yards: 15" with uneven dispersal Choke is a constriction of a few thousandths of an inch in the last two or three inches of a barrel. NEW BRILEY CHOKE TUBE CASE 20 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN CHOKES CHOICE OF 6 COLORS. Set of 6 Six Briley Spectrum Beretta Optima HP Choke Tubes With Case. My Benelli only came with lead only chokes, I bought aftermarket chokes for when I shoot steel loads. Browning 2002 Citori Shotgun 525 Money Clip Great Shape. 2 shot. My name is DJ Story and I grew up south of Ft. If you intend to shoot 3 1/2's get the extended range then it will shoot a full choke pattern with all length shells. africangame . 30" barrel has been fitted with a full set of briley chokes. Shoot a PM extend range in SBE I and have for 17 years. The . Good out to 50 yards with Heavy Metal and SPeedBall loads. Save. One fit perfectly and the other one would not screw into either barrel. Tighten the choke up a little and you lose nothing in distance capability to break targets, but you have to be more accurate and especially when the targets are close. TOTAL SCORE 89/100. I have a 16 Purdey whose barrels were cut and rendered chokeless, installing Briley tubes and some work with microcell pads to rebalance it as it was on its original production entry make it a very usable gun. When . most consistently patterning choke tubes available today. vs. Basically even if it equates to 3-4 more birds in a round I feel the price of the sleeve would be worth it. The choke tubes Mike Orlen installed in my Valmet made this gun far more useful (it had full/fuller fixed chokes when I acquired it) so it wouldn't hurt to check your 870 barrel to see if it falls into the dimensional range sutiable for . How To Attract And Draw Money To Me Instantly Written By Hill Hadoestabut Saturday, April 30, 2022 Add Comment Edit. I bought an SBE from a guy once and he had a whole set of Briley X2 chokes he put with the gun. I have both, the Cutts on a 12 gauge Auto 5, and the PowrPac on my Father's Sweet 16. Buy Ruger Red Label 20ga 30in barrels (3) Briley chokes used good condition: GunBroker is the largest seller of Over Under Shotguns Shotguns Guns & Firearms All: 926090363 Vintage Browning 12 Gauge Full & Improved Cylinder Choke Tubes. Positive feedback. 410 barrels and would not feel comfortable using one on birds beyond 15 yds. Briley is a know entity, good quality. Check availability here. Again, not a big difference but it’s something I’ve noticed. One reason I do like extended chokes on a shotgun is that it gets some more weight on the end of the muzzle. EXTRA FULL. The review gun is a 28″ barrel Benelli Super Black Eagle II in Realtree Max 5 Camo. I’ve run straights with each one of them. As result, it brings more kills and hardly misses the target even on small wing My hope is the longer taper allows the load to get less disrupted exiting the barrel. It takes Beretta-Benelli type chokes and they're kind of spendy, so I'd If your going to spend money on chokes go with Briley they're the best in the business. And those skeet chokes work OK, about all brands I have tried. This shotgun is very tight as it has not been used much. Hunting a turkey takes a lot of effort and time, but one relevant choke tube can make this task easier and memorable. Jess Briley was a friend of mine and was making choke tubes when alot of those other guys were wearing "three cornered britches. 1-Cylinder tube, 2-Skeet1 tubes, 2-Imp. com) did all the work. Very even patterns. It represents the internal diameter of the bore, whatever that is, depending on the gun. But I'm kinda slow. Special Steel; 2&3/4 Questions call Mike 913 731 3893. 95. I don't know of longer choke tubes without lengthening the forcing cones are worth the money or not or just stick with like a mobile choke system. it has a 27" barrel . Value for money 21/25. They did it on a Double shotgun. ported choke tubes. Ружье Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Synthetic Kick-off OCHP . Choke: Extended Briley Plasma Series chokes; lightweight to reduce barrel weight. Beretta Optima-Choke HP Flush 12 Gauge Skeet USA Choke Tube $61. The CX features lengthened forcing cones, three extended Invector Plus choke tubes, a 60/40 point-of-impact and 32-inch barrels. I saw that episod on "Shotgun journal" the way that Brirley cut the thread is rather slick. Chamber sleeve (down one gauge) each. We have even created a special competition choke tube, the EXIS DK, tuned for non-toxic ammo in the most popular pellet sizes. Especially the kind of guns that our Armed Intelligentsia insist aren’t worth the premium. 410 shotgun with an effective range out to 40 yards. I have a older remington 1100 with the briley thin walls. This was in both my Nova and . These sell for $49. I'm not sure that the specialty turkey tubes are worth the price-- sometimes upwards of $75-$80. Therefore, they came out with their 2-pack and 3-pack waterfowl choke tube sets. Carlson's product, out of Atwood, Kansas, has proved over time to be as good as the best, and better than the rest. For the world's rarest and most coveted pennies in the world, values are well over $100,000 and approaching $2 million. 2. 660 with #6 shot in 3. At the "Buy it Now price" I am loosing 200. 8 out of 5 stars 909. 00 (Save 21%) $47. Appears to be very high quality, and I am glad I bought it. the briley chokes are quality, and i do favour them i have a full / full set and i like to shoot 7/8oz and other light shells through. Midas Grade Invector Plus- Fits: Browning Invector Plus 12 gauge barrels- Extended- Improved Cylinder- Stainless Steel with a black oxide finish. Set of 5 New Briley Spectrum Choke Tubes for 12 Gauge Browning Invector DS. browning diana. You also get a choke tube tool. I haven’t patterned any of the . Be sure to tell them which gun I am using and that #4 Buck is my choice of shot size. Carlson 12 GA Benelli Sporting Clays. 01-09-2021, 09:29 AM. Win 25 yards: 21" pattern with a few small holes. In the past, that was not the case. 5 mag. 728), available in factory or custom bore. Account My Account; My Orders; My Wishlist; Login - 0 Items Toggle navigation. This will make a light shotgun feel less whippy and improves the smoothness of the swing. 2" extended choke, QPQ and laser engraved, the ULTIMATE in durability for 3Gun! Includes Diffusion, Improved Cylinder, and Modified chokes and a case! Briley Extended Choke Tubes, $43 Although slightly on the heavy side compared with the other chokes, the Brileys were easy to install and remove with a choke wrench or by hand. Fed 20 yards: 6" even dispersal. so $450 worth of choke tubes. Only light signs of use with NO abuse - Very well maintained (please see pictures). rnelson5 . Well worth the money to preserve such expensive choke tubes. and well engineered. Top #2298594 - 09/28/12 04:33 PM . Choke tube poll. 9k. Location & Hours. $52-$160 | choketube. If you want all three gauges (six total inserts), that will set you back $600. 410 & 28 Tubes, Cased Auction: 12854019. #9. Benelli M2 Fishnet Stippled Stock. All Products Choke Tubes HPG1. ly/sandhillfl. Gorgous fancy wood. Posted November 22, 2015. I believe after market installation choke tubes reduces the value of the Purdey, even though they actually increase its utility. 4 Bore Competition Ext. ly/387PTmZGET DETAILS AND BOOK YOUR HUNT WITH ME HERE- https://bit. Quackaddict9. The TT-15 comes with three extended Beretta/Benelli style extended chokes (modified, improved modified and full), a wrench and the required Allen wrenches and washers. Original Winchester 20 Gauge Winchoke Choke Tubes Pack Kit - Wrench & 2 Chokes . The extended choke will give you a holding point and reduce the amount of choke tube grease on your hands. with over $200, worth of Briley upgrades, which include the cocking handle, bolt release lever, weights in front of the fore end and one Briley extended cylinder choke. Used Perazzi MX2000S 20 Ga Sporting Stock+Forend Set -Excellent Condition #125. 410 Shotgun for the Money to simulate home defense use and to test the accuracy and range from 10 – 50 yards. For example, the machined and beveled feeding port was designed for any style of loading, but it is especially useful for quad-­loading. 00 (Save 31%) $41. Made by Briley Manufacturing, 1230 Lumpkin, Houston, TX 77043, (713) 932-6995, these items begin at $239 per two-barrel, one-gauge set and run up to $289 per two-barrel one-gauge set. The only Briley custom chokes I ever had problems with was one of a pair of skeet chokes for my 16 ga Dickinson. choke tubes that look like they were made with a rat-tail file and vinyl-crucifix recoil pads. Cheaper than dirt right now has the best prices on factory remington extended chokes and tru lock . 410 and . If you have to buy some, go with the Brileys. They were clearly identifiable as to their constriction and our measurements proved they were right on the money. Very high grade choke actually made by Briley for Browning. Report abuse. I know Caesar Guerini and Fabarm spend a lot of time patterning their chokes for their guns. Included with the inserts was a plastic mallet necessary to pound the tubes into . Win 10 yards: 11" pattern with even dispersal. I have a set that I bought for a 686 years ago, excellent quality. Start new topic . My Briley . 68c15 · TFFWPP President. 022, just a little tighter than a Briley or Carlson modified at 0. It comes complete with a sturdy case that holds everything you need in perfect safety and comfort. Beretta Silver Hawk Silverhawk Sxs 20 GA Shotgun W/ Briley . The Numbers. for ducks I use a Briley light modified spectrum ported tube in my 390 and my sons 870 they are good folks and make a great choke tube. On that gun the barrels become very thin behind the choke and require very thin tubes. If shooting a stock guy with choke tubes try a rem straight rifled tube or check out Briley tubes for below XXFull. Crio choke or the beretta/Benelli mobil choke? If it's the Mobil, I've got a Patternmaster for sale. Pros: Appearance, Matches Factory Chokes, High Quality and Good Patterns Cons: A bit pricey but worth it. Choke Alterations (per hole) $105. GBORE. 1958 National Radio Institute How To Make Extra Money Fixing Radio and TV Sets Spare-Time Money-Making Aids No. Hi just bought a Browning gold 20g and which is the prefered choke for tss and steel. Happy with it. Again, the only reason to buy an extended choke is to be able to change it faster and so you can remind yourself what's in the gun. Briley Skeet Choke. yes and no. Shop for Best Price Briley 12ga X 2 Screw In Invector Choke Tubes Browning Invector 12 Ga Imp Cyl. Jump to Latest Follow NEWS ARTICLES SHOWS PODCAST. Many professional hunters use a choke tube with their turkey shotguns to keep the pattern of the shot tight and clean. Best choke tubes for stoeger m3500 . The more I get back into this the more I see Briley and Carlson's choke names thrown out in topics. 10 Gauge Chokes. From the black, extended Briley choke tubes — the 940 JM Pro comes with three — to the fully adjustable competition-­ready stock, there’s much to appreciate. A different kind of choke question. 0 average based on 2 product ratings. Brileys are well made and for the flush or plain extended tube, are much cheaper. Factory chokes tend to have holes in there patterns. 0. A decent super Full or Extra Full Turkey choke really makes a difference for the heavier lead bird shot like #4-6 for tight patterns to shoot turkey. Open or Cylinder Chokes have no constriction at all. This gun is in as new condition and has had less than 4 boxes of ammo shot thru it. 725 in. American Express, Discover, USPS Money Order, Money Order, Certified Check Checkout: Contact Seller for Payment Cash Discount: The above prices on this item reflect a 3% cash/check . Should this work, I'll look into a skeet choke for in your face shooting. Some choke tube companies print the choke restriction on the tube extension for quick identification. Honestly, the Briley extended modified has worked so well, it’s remained in my BPS 12ga for over 10 years now. by m***l. The interior comfortably fits TEN choke tubes (including extended choke tubes up to 3 1/2") in the plastic tubes pictured and is included with the pouch. The barrel is back bored and threaded and you get 3 choke (flush mounted, lead and bismuth only) tubes for $299. I am very happy with the set up, it is worth the money to have it done. IF you are killing birds just fine, no reason . Again, not a huge difference. invector choke tube 20. I use the Comp-N Choke . 1; 2; Next. It's money better spent on targets and ammo instead of fancy choke . com / Guns For Sale / Shotgun . $44. Choke constriction ran . Meanwhile, you’ll own a good general-purpose shotgun with excellent handling qualities capable of taking everything from squirrels through geese. Check Latest Price. Price $59. What Size Drill Bit For 1/2 Bolt Carlson's Shotgun Choke Tubes. 026 inch. The Benelli M4 is a 12 gauge, gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun designed for tactical applications. and I have been married for 6 years , together going on 14. These are the chokes that came with the gun and it isn't worth it to me to buy something else. Money and Time spent busting clays is a 1000x better investment than gimmicky shells any day. LIGHT . I quit using the Patternmaster inside 35 yards due to the tight pattern tearing up the birds. I bought a used 26" Benelli M2 then took it to Briley in Houston TX. on the money for a constriction of . the old Eurostandard of . 4 Bore-Comp. The choke About 40 percent of a shell’s total pellets will fit in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards without constriction. Banser, and Pattern Master both recommend Federal "premium" shells. com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders . Perazzi 12GA. Apr 6, 2022. I'm guessing Chuck is alot faster than me. blaser. The Red Label is a huge jump over that clumsy class of low-grade double. and the American standard of . i just bought a new shotgun and am fairly new to duck hunting i need to by a choke for it but am not sure what size to get i want to get a briley but i am having a problem deciding since the barrel length on my gun is only 24" normally i would go with a modified oor full but i was wondering about the extended range or goose getter would work My advice is to pattern the factory chokes first before spending money on new ones. ly/AFFDUX JOIN MY PODCAST HERE- https://bit. RHINO. 4 How To Test and Replace Tubes. NEW BRILEY SPECTRUM BROWNING INVECTOR PLUS IC Ported CHOKE TUBE. Are Briley chokes worth the extra money over Carlsons? (Already ruled out Pattern Master because of price, not quality) 2. However, I do prefer extended chokes as they are easier to handle and should you bash your muzzle against something, well, you maybe just ruined a choke worth $50-$100, not a barrel worth many thousands. Tungsten Turkey Loads (which can cost up to $60 or more for 5) Federal Heaveyweight TSS No. Browning Invector Plus 20ga. Put the 2 light mods in the . Benelli Crio-Crio Plus 20ga. Wonderful Browning sporting over & under shotgun. It simply works great! Locks in with no slippage. Registered. 18 models Briley Mobil Choke Helix Choke Tube (1) As Low As (Save Up to 24%) $64. Patternmaster choke tubes keep their full pattern by encompassing the entire length of the wad while the shot is leaving. Some little pieces of copper can be worth some very large dollar amounts. Having said that, I would not want to buy one every year and based on my situation, I have gotten my money's worth out of my chokes and they are still going strong. The Ithaca might be more flexible and if so you can save money with a less expensive screw in system. Choke Tubes By Briley. I use Mullers and Trulock they work the best for me and my Brownings with the loads I shoot. For a very good, cheap load, it's hard to beat Federal blue box loads, 3", 1 1/8 ounce shot, 1550fps, I shot 2's but 4's would be okay for smaller ducks too. These are premium Choke FAQ Chokes and Choke Accessories which are manufactured to be the best in market with the highest quality shotgun, firearm, and rifle standards. They all rate in Fine to Excellent condition. " Used to, I'm not sure now, most Browning chokes were about a 1/2 a choke loooser ( i. They use top quality materials, and have had universally excellent quality control. KICK’S chokes are diagonally ported at a 135° angle away from the shooter, which reduces the side blast which is common with other types of porting. Winchester 12 gauge sabot RIFLED CHOKE For smooth bore winchoke NIP FREE SHIP. worth the money yes to some people . so cheaper the better. Coils and Chokes In complete . With the conical parallel choke style, even more extensive tests were performed and tabulated. 0 out of 5 stars Wonderful choke. A Briley 25 ML after market choke tube was installed in the Remington 1100 barrel. Briley sells chokes from good to the absolute best. 650 tube. _________________. Mian . As for the use of chokes or best makers I find Carlson's to be the most cost effective best for the money choke but if a man can find those 20 or 12 gauge Hastings or the very few 28 gauge and . Welcome to ClayBusters. ”. 1) My son is using a Beretta 391 with Optima plus choke tubes (Lead only rated) 2) I'll be using another Beretta but with Mobile choke tubes. RC Cartridges. Now: $121. " I really like Briley choke tubes. Jessica Briley is on Facebook. choke gave 68%, a 2-7/8 in choke 67%, and a 3-1/2 in. There's a guy I shoot trap with, who was really frustrated because after being in the game about a year he had plateaued at about 87% on singles targets. Quantity: Description. tristar over under extended choke tubes. External improvements don’t stop there. Good chokes. Amazon Customer. The ported tubes showed a 7 to 8 percent pattern advantage with No. $4. 90% of the time. BRILEY. 660 tube. Carlson realized that at times when waterfowl hunting you may be taking shorter shots, and maybe another day long shots. So let’s get this out of the way. Cylinder isn't a choke. For sale are 9 Briley stainless extended chokes for Beretta Mobile choke system. Sure Cycle produces high-performance stainless steel and aluminum aftermarket shotgun, rifle, and pistol parts and accessories. Free shipping. My advise is to ask the folks at Briley which brand of fodder they recommend for their choke. com Carlsons does just as good a job for less money. Re: Best choke tube system . And I'll be using #3-4 buck. The selection is located on the safety. cost a bit but well worth it IMO 03-29-2017, 11:07 PM #24 Pope & Young Join Date: Nov 2006 Location: San Antonio \ POC Hunt In: Public . I’ve used them on the skeet range - the 20 ga. Choke tubes are expensive! For the money try the Primos tight wad. Win 10 yards: 14" with even dispersal. Last but not least, we have a choke wrench from a world-famous manufacturer. AU $12. Modified. no ported chokes for me. 18 models Briley Yildiz Extended Choke Tube (2) As Low As (Save Up to 31%) $37. Price Per Count: High to Low. Styling 23/25. Nearly 300. As an assurance of strength and . I can't imagine a Patternmaster is twice as good. During past 6 months. patterning your gun with a variety of chokes and loads is worth it. I dont own a single decicated striper choke but i know they work. I'd go with the full tubes for durability. They are well made, fit precisely and shoot good patterns in my XS Skeet. but i`m using homeloads too. Fixed choke tubes were the standard, with some poly or adjustable chokes following close behind. The versatility of screw in choke tubes is unmatched, but there isn't anything wrong with fixed chokes. After-market chokes: Save your money. Dec 8, 2015 #6. Choose Options. It has 3 flush chokes, Improved Skeet, Light Mod, and Imp Mod. briley. More details available. Chambers are 2-3/4". Browning Invector DS 20ga. $30. 3 hours ago · It features an engraved low profile receiver with a silver nitride fini Click for more info. Not everyone can avoid out bad money following the TSS. “People love nice things,” he answered, “and I keep the quality right at the top. All shells must use a wad with a shotcup or it renders this type of choke useless. Price: $275. r/ClayBusters. payment methods: check, money order, mc, visa, american express. Built with a handsome high-gloss Grade II walnut stock and a polished blued steel receiver, you'll not only shoot great, you'll look great. Even some perfectionist clay shooters have started to switch over to following CHOKE MAKERS. Were it mine, I would check with Briley, see if there is enough metal in the barrel to thread for either Rem Chokes or Briley tubes. Seller information. 0 out of 5 stars Big inserts will not fit stuck choke. Briley makes 10 sizes of chokes for my gun! So I have a full and modified. Other restorers include Orvis (802-366-8235; orvis. 020″ and a Briley flush seated over the counter choke of exactly . 28 gauge sub-gauge tubes described above. $395. This barrel has never been shut out at a match. Sent you a pm bud 03-29-2017, 05:40 PM #11 Ten Point Join Date: Oct 2008 Location: Deer Park Hunt In: Gods Country Chokes don't matter it is your ability to SHOOT is what puts the birds on the ground. Trulock Precision Hunter "Improved Modified" extended tubes that were used in all 12 gauge shotguns were . Advertisement. e. From the serial number, I believe this shotgun was manufactured in 2004. The A400 Xtreme Plus comes with five screw-in Optima-Choke HD choke tubes, including Full Two of the best shooting loads I tried were Federal's new Gold Medal Grand and Grand Handicap ammo. OEM Beretta chokes are pretty notorious for performing differently than how they're marked. The U3 has a construction of . com. Here are the results of five of the current crop of aftermarket chokes shot on paper: Jeb’s Headhunter, HS Strut Undertaker XT, Trulock Long Beard XR, Indian Creek Diamond Strike and Carlson’s Long Beard XR. $50. If you want an awesome gun thats worth the money, buy this. Re: Rob Roberts choke tubes. I use the Patternmaster for very windy days or when the birds don't come inside 35 yds. S/N A13134. Posted August 14, 2011. choke tube removal tool. Again, just my 2-cents (worth 5 in Maine). 18. 3) We have two ammos: A) Federal with flite control wad and B) Hevi-shot . In addition, the shoot offered options, trophies, and gift cards for Briley accessories. 3200's were built in Skeet, Trap and Field configurations with many barrel lengths. But hey, we’re talking a real walnut stock (nothing synthetic) in a shotgun that’s a genuine joy to move through the air. If it's one and done I don't think the coating is probably worth the money. carlson choke tubes skeet. The 15 weight shot will save you some money and for being shooting you . Mossberg Silver Reserve II. Up for auction are 2 vintage Browning 12 gauge shotgun choke tubes and choke tube wrench. I haven't used 1 in ky for threading a barrel, but I did send 1 to sumtoy customs in Georgia when I did my single shot turkey gun project. One option worth a tick is . ?" i havent needed another choke or questioned the briley, although i do like the #9s through tight . #2 · Sep 6, 2013. I need a choke that will give me the best chance of taggin a yote out to about 40yds. My thoughts is, unless you are going to go into the business of doing chokes it's not worth the money to buy the tools. 15 . Stainless-By Briley. Mossberg. is it worth spending that much more money on A400 Xplor Unico just for the Optima HP choke when even that fact is not yet establihed and proven. Reviewed in the . LIGHT MODIFIED. RC Shotgun shells are a Clay Shooters Supply EXCLUSIVE. Price wise, the 2-packs are still affordable and in line with the Briley Extended Chokes. If the extended tubes are included with your new Beretta, use them. browning a5. The thread is titled 'Are Teague chokes worth the Money', and I have to say that in my opinion, yes, they are. A to Z. 690 in. beretta . All the shooting was done off of bag and cradle at 44 yards. Rhino 10 Gauge Chokes. Each features 2" forcing cones and is back-bored, which is said to reduce recoil. Joined Oct 22, 2009. _____ Joe Browning 525 sporting 32" 16 gauge Browning 525 sporting 30" 16 gauge Browning citori grade 6 28" 16 gauge Extended chokes need to be 4 notches. Because of the sharp angle of the ports, the leading edge acts as a braking system, slowing the wad down in order to provide superior patterning. New never used. But the question is . Its a half-decent Ben Affleck flick, too. Yeah, you perceive a difference because you spend $60-80 on a stupid choke tube. I see nothing even worth noting. In my book the Professional represents . This premium Italian made ammunition is only available in the United States through Clay Shooters. Benelli M2 Fishnet Stippled Forend. Yes, a choke effects the pattern of the gun. As to eccentric chokes raising your POI, why not. These chokes are rated for steel and Tungsden including TSS. But for steel 2,3,4's it usually works out well with some time at the pattern board. 665 with #4's in your 3. Dec 8, 2015 #4. 20 Gauge Choke Tubes. The tubes are made of 1704 stainless steel similar to Location: Bridge City, Texas. more. Posted on February 7, 2021 by. DUX FATHERS DAY SALE- http://bit. 729 in. I shot a lot of clay targets with a 20ga and 3/4 ounce loads to save recoil, money (components) and improve my shooting. Re: Best choke tube system [Re: ldholton] . Look at Rhino chokes. I meet with Claudio Salassa and he told me what they offered as a 3 gun shotgun package and some extra's that were available. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. I've patterned true cyl . RC 2 Competition 12ga, 1oz 1200FPS #7. (810)953-0732 point is you could look at one in person. 13362 Remington 12ga Sporting Clay Light Modified Choke Tube. 707 inch exit diameter for an actual constriction of . 1 of 2 Go to page . Definitely worth the money if you have stuck choke. $6. Quick view. I have had work done by both, I do have to say that the people at Rob Robert's were easier to deal with. I'm sure he has one in stock. I’ve been told the . 0 tubes are not nearly as effective. TRULOCK. com Briley also does it but they charge $249 www. Over the years, I've tested literally drawers full of factory and after market choke tubes. 7. Lead shot in ac choke thread on trip and two cripples we left or anything with a pm if not. To be clear, cylinder is as open as it gets. Newest First. Buddy next to me in Lubbock killed a greater stone dead at 94 paces (guide stepped it off) extended PM and bismuth 2's. Here are 7 newly-designed shotgun choke tubes for 2015 that are defiantly worth checking out: . Chances of marring the end of the barrel are reduced should the choke be stuck or if is removed in haste. I used to do it, but not anymore. Beretta Optima HP 20ga. It features a narrower space inside than a full choke tube. Top. If your gun is threaded for chokes, buy a tube. Briley does this modification more than anyone else in the country and charges approximately $250 per . If you were going to add two chokes what . $179. Yes their high, high dollar chokes will pattern better than the Carlsons, their budget priced chokes would be a toss up. Great for sporting clays. 2:59p, 9/17/12. Thanks for the advice. The BBB patterned well from every choke, but the Patternmaster . Briley Manufacturing (800-331-5718; briley. Bling up your Blaser! . so I bought a case (ten little boxes/100 rounds) and vowed to use them all before deciding if they were worth the premium. 014 is a great 5-stand constriction, as are the full choke barrels. Fort Worth, United States. Jan 24, 2010 Buy Perazzi Mirage S 12 Gauge O/U 12 Briley Chokes Mirage-S 31": GunBroker is the largest seller of Over Under Shotguns Shotguns Guns & Firearms All: 925313421 . 715 in. The effect of choke is to squeeze the . The gun is a Weatherby PA459 in 20ga. M2-FISHNET-STIPPLED-FOREND. Apr 3, 2007. Most Reviewed First. Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab. One person found this helpful. 3 hours ago · I've also heard you shouldn't ever run 00 buck through any type of screw in choke, but I've done it and not noticed any strange wear on my chokes or changes in patterning. If the modified tube doesn't get you what you want, try a full or maybe an extra full. They are the ones building the Benelli Performance Shop waterfowl and turkey guns. $150 shipped for the whole lot of them. 00 . Which made the body of the choke perfect for shooting and durable. . The NWTF target has a 10-inch outer circle, and a three-inch inner circle. Join Facebook to connect with Jessica Briley and others you may know. in usual 28" barrel. Of course, you know what they say about a Jack-of-all-trades. 00 worth of choke work done. The 26", 28" or 30" barrels are cold-hammer-forged from blued, chrome-molybdenum steel and threaded for choke tubes. We stock several hundred Teague Chokes at any one . Beretta Choke Tube Wrench. de. 9 shot put a whopping 235 pellets in a 10-inch circle at 40 yards. If your going to spend the money for an assembly line choke tube that might fit your barrel diameter correctly, have Stu Wright make you a custom choke tube built specifically for your barrel. Link to comment Share on other sites . mag with a 28" barrel and rem chokes Hunting duck in Louisiana, in January I have three classic questions: 1. ·. If you want a Good choke that patterns just as well, but not . The idea that 2 -3" of a "negative" choke will somehow open the shot string faster is absolutely absurd. Huglu 20GA. Teagues are just chokes there is nothing special about them or what they can do, they are extended as are carlsens brileys so many others, in the aftermarket choke industry teague gets by with threading barrels on chopped or non multi choke guns, and in this country he has become popular, but briley do the same job at less money and have a good . If you decide to go that route you won't be disappointed. One reason I've always shot Brileys is that they are in Houston. I either completely miss or kill dead. Carlson’s all-new 3-Pack set includes all three options inside a protective case. Browning 1130183 Midas Grade Extended Choke Tube Improved Cylinder 12 Gauge. About that time Dickinson started selling chokes at about 1/3 the cost of Briley custom chokes, so I never pursued getting that one resolved. Black Cloud Chokes. The Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus was unveiled on May 5, 2018, at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas. Each choke type is available in ten sizes. 03-29-2017, 05:47 PM #12 Pope & Carlsons chokes does it for $149. Remington 20ga. A skeet choke distributes approximately 50 percent of a shell's total pellets in a 30-inch circle at 25 yards. 5 . Coming Soon. However, I am not one to push for a long shot. The M-870 is so widely distributed that lots of accessories are available. I disagree with your statement, seen PM chokes shred ducks and geese at impressive distances more than once. Re: Best choke tube system [Re: . 9 watching. description: beretta 682 skeet special 12ga o/u shotgun, 28" bbls, 2 3/4, 12ga has 9 briley flush chokes & briley 20, 28, 410 ga skeet tubes, vent rib, ejectors, sst, medium dark color streaked walnut, pistol/trim forend, lop 15", 1 1/2, 2 1/4, 8lbs 10oz, nasco aluminum case . I can give you more info by PM if you're interested. Gun Fitting: By appointment only, please call the showroom for details. com); Doug . AFTER I wound up with a beautiful gun that I used this fall. LIGHT FULL. The first generation of this gun was a bit clunky and didn’t have the feel of a quality-made over/under, but the Silver Reserve II turned out to be a damn fine field gun for under $900. 95 - $79. 4th Generation 18. If not enough metal to thread for chokes, I would go with either Cutts, or PowrPac. Z to A. Yes, it works . A 1-5/8 in. Only show this user. Q. 99. Briley's in Houston is doing the completion shotguns for Benelli. Beretta-Benelli Mobil 20ga. CHOKES: Multichokes as standard; Briley Spectrum chokes optional WEB: www. $8. 020″. Re: choke tube recommendation for ducks . I have Briley's and Carlsons, and the factory Brownings, but I always wind up back to the Mullers in my 725 field gun with 28 inch . Recommendation on 20ga chokes Refuge Forums. 4. 03-29-2017, 05:56 PM #13 Ten Point Join Date: Jun 2011 Location: San Antonio Hunt In: South Texas Kicks High Flyer Chokes on Modified. If you like to change chokes , extended ones are nice . We have 3 children, Easton 10, Briley 7 and Brant is on the way. 005 skeet chokes in the barrels. On a 12-bore, full choke is a constriction of 40 thousandths of an inch, half-choke 20 thousandths of an inch, quarter-choke 10 thousandths of an inch and improved choke around five thousandths of an inch. For some reason (probably to save money) Remington gives you improved cylinder then skips to modified, improved modified and full. IM for trap, and SK for, well, Skeet. Load Through a Mag-10 with a Fixed Factory Choke Is an Expensive Choke Worth the Money? Bottom LineWhen a choke tube and waterfowl load work together to produce even and . Worth it, especially with smaller shot sizes. Now you can visualize what it all looks like . You get 3 flush mounted chokes for it at that price www. Modified was really Improved Cylinder). American Arms 20ga. Heck, they might make them for Beretta, like they do for Browning. 12 gauge, invector, original skeet chokes, 26 inch Barrels & 27” with Briley Skeet chokes. 034 inch. , then once it lightens up good switch to a Briley "Duck" choke, which is a light mod. It certainly has gone up but so too have all imported guns thanks to the strength of the Euro against the pound. 410 RemChokes they made then grab them as the . I bought this Briley Speed Wrench and am using it for the invector plus chokes in my Browning Special Sporting Clays O/U. Brock Williams. $189. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Live Chat Help Center Check Order Status. The only choke really missing is the light modified which is what a lot of people use as their main choke in 3 gun. If I can save enough money Ill be picking up a super tight choke for my coyote hunting this winter. If you want the Best order Mueller, then Briley. BRILEY 6 CHOKE TUBE CASE 12 20 GAUGE SHOTGUN CHOKES. This is a Beretta A400, 20 Ga. 00. Money Orders . for steel i back off and use a cyl set, if i need to. IC for short range steel shot decoy work, maybe a good hevi shot full choke, and a Turkey/Coyote xtra Full for lead. I now shoot a Caesar Guerini, and use Mueller chokes. As the creators of the original featherlite screw-in choke tubes, we guarantee our chokes to be the lightest, strongest, most consistently patterning choke tubes available today. Shop Browning Diamond Grade Choke Tubes | Up to 34% Off 5 Star Rating on 33 Reviews for Browning Diamond Grade Choke Tubes On Sale + Free Shipping over $49. If it is iffy I don't shoot. Briley and Precision will install choke tubes in almost any gun but for a significantly higher price. Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This shotgun comes with all of the choke tubes and the . They will dress up any Invector+ shotgun. Beretta Optima-Choke HP Flush 12 Gauge Light Modified Choke Tube $61. The Briley Sub-Gauge HOA payout was impressive as well, with an additional $1,000 thrown in if the winner was using Briley choke tubes. The long range provides a full choke pattern with 2 3/4 and 3" shells yet will yield a modified pattern with 3 1/2's. Having said all that, save your money and buy some shells. SCSportsman, that article isn't worth the bandwidth it soaked up to post here. With all the good things I’ve heard about Carlson’s chokes and from the . 463 Burketts Ferry Rd. SKU:3GBCP333P. nominal bore diameter. Beretta has added a new, "spinning toothed" gas piston that they claim reduces maintenance by . apexclaytarget (8643) 100% positive Feedback. The Browning Invector Plus "Full" chokes ran about . worth the money no to some people. I had Briley add a Limb Saver recoil pad to the stock, this made the stock leangth around 14 3/4. HeviShot HeviX 1 ½ . I have always shot the federal and know that it shoots fine in my gun but would it be worth it just to try a few boxes of 3 . I run constriction type chokes as stripers dont like speeds much over 1450 1500fps . At a nose-bleed $2800 or so, Benelli offers Briley choke tubes, some weights, as well as a lengthened forcing cone, back-boring, and ports. Mic up your chokes and make sure that they are the constriction that they are labled. Cut 26" barrel down to 21", threaded for extended chokes to make OAL 22". Modify your existing fixed choke to "is a patternmaster worth twice the money of a Briley or Trulock" Briley and Trulock make excellent chokes. Worth the extra money over the cheap wrenches. Made in Japan. Most manufacturers also have to hold a personal questions by allen company ammo pattern be intimidated by federal tss moderators: flush is worth noting the. #1. Beretta Choke Tube Case For 1 Your $400 buys you the gun (obviously) and five chokes (two in the barrel, three in the box, from modified to full). While an extended Patternmaster choke tube will encompass a 3 ½” wad while the shot is leaving. Showroom and Sales: Monday - Friday 8-5 • Saturday 8-12 • Sunday CLOSED. exit diameter. com has them for $99. JASON’S VERDICT. 033 or full choke, overall choke length measured 2. FREE SHIPPING. The Briley chokes were physically tighter than standard Browning ones, ¼ was nearly a ½ and ½ was nearly ¾ compared to the equivalent Browning ones using my digital gauge to measure them. 732 in. I did a test comparing a Beretta flush seated Mod choke of exactly . The longer forcing cones moderated felt recoil, muzzle jump and shot deformation, according to Beretta. Whether it’s commanding the duck blind with unbelievable patterns and distance or finally taking the podium at your skeet competition, Rhino choke tubes are guaranteed to improve the performance of your gun. Briley Crio Plus Gold TiN Extended Choke Benelli. if all you do is shoot game then a Briley is probly a waste of money. My factory chokes are just as good as the $50-100 aftermarkets. 410 Sidekick 2. I had an old Winchester 101 O/Ur 20ga. 6 Best Choke Tube For Turkey Hunting 2022. I would bet that depending on shot size, you should try . You’ll probably have to send the barrels as they have to index the chokes. Simple is always better. Buy It Now. I'll be using an 870 wingmaster, 12 ga. I can get a clearance turkey choke from Cabelas and will go with that for the price. 5 Target Lead Shot - 25box/10case. 3. Mossberg’s Silver Reserve II is a great buy for under $900. As long as you know what they really are, they're fine. If your gun has a fixed choke, find a gunsmith who will thread it for choke tubes, which can be done to most single-barrel guns for a little over $100. Set of 5 New Briley Spectrum Choke Tubes for 12 Gauge Browning Invector+ Plus. Hated my blade-style choke wrench. Joined Nov 23, 2011 · 14,392 Posts . . 4 people found this helpful. Spend your choke tube money at the practice trap and you will come a lot closer to the magic the bt 100 needs . I have heard of doing a roll choke on a barrel. The Briley system is a turnkey operation. Pattern your shotgun using the various chokes provided and document your results--not only written notes but pictures. It is made of 17-04 steel and other materials. tubes, 1-Light Mod tube, 1-Modified tube, 1- Improved Mod tube and 1-Light Full tube. Read more. Worth my money for a try. By Randy Wakeman. oh and I used to use a briley's goose choke and liked it alot but got a new gun and bought the Haydels, Looking into a patternmaster though. 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. BENELLI PERFORMANCE SHOP SUPER SPORT. 99 per case with free shipping and a $20 rebate, total price $79. and the 28 ga. Now a Steelium variant called Steelium Plus is introduced on the Beretta 692. Price $699. This is done when a chamber is over sized or damaged. This is a new game for me as I'm a long time rifle-pistol shooter, but have little experience in shotguns. 1. Got this wrench in today and within seconds the choke was out. Carlson’s 12 GA choke is the best choke for sporting clays shooting. Briley also makes some devistating turkey tubes as well. Add to Cart. Profile for Jessica Briley, 37 years old, currently living in Spokane Valley, WA with the phone number (509) 724-6262. I love how my Briley subgauge tubes shoots in Sporting Clays and Trap. The full name of the model is the "AL391 Urika 2 Gold #J39TB18, featuring the Beretta's "Optima Bore System" a very small enlarged bore barrel of . Win 25 yards: 36" with clumped and open pattern. The existing chamber of a shotgun barrel is down-sized one ga, ie 12 ga to 16 ga. Barrels measure 30". Are Briley Black Cloud Chokes Worth The Money Written By Hill Hadoestabut Sunday, May 1, 2022 Add Comment Edit. Indeed, the more extra money you spend, the more exceptional the result will be. Shop now for Choke FAQ Chokes and Choke Accessories at Briley, A Legacy of Shooting Innovation. AG. 89. Our trap guns come with 3 factory chokes, field guns come with 5, Time for me to part with some hard earned cash. Since finding steel shot for a 16 gauge is nigh on to impossible, I'd go for the lead & bismuth only tubes. Helpful. 95 On Sale. 760. Price $349. Carlson's . That was a 20 round shoot. It shot #6's better with the . Invector DS Browning Choke Tubes 20 Gauge New & Used $ 19. Hunt In: Brackettville Tx. Must ship to ffl. Worth in Johnson county. Muller Chokes backs this guarantee with a 60 day money back guarantee on all our choke tubes. The Benelli M4 was initially designed for the Marine Corps, where it serves as the M1014. Maybe the forcing cone surgery is worth the trouble. With steel shot and hevi-shot, it patterns better than the factory chokes that came with the gun. 00 shipping. I purchased a set about a month ago for my K80 with choke tube 30” barrels. Our unique conical/parallel internal design . 5. choke yielded a 63% average pattern efficiency, with all results listed here from conical chokes with a . Shop now for Briley Replacement Chokes for Factory Threaded Barrels Choke Tubes at Briley, A Legacy of Shooting Innovation ️Order some merch!: https://bit. Federal Premium. Buy Briley Speed Wrench 12 Gauge for All Briley Standard Chokes, SPWR12 on Amazon. The F16 comes with Blaser’s barrel and stock balancing system. I live in Idaho and shots can be from 10 yards out to 60 yards. the ultra high end fit and finish with improve patterns and rein in those stray pellets. The CX is even better for clays shooters. We shoot several hundred birds a year using Comp-n Chokes. Has titanium coatings for smoothness and less deformed . I'll put the choke tubes in tomorrow . Invector Plus choke tube system. Phone: 1-800-331-5718 / 713-932-6995 / gunsales@briley. RogersSportingGoods. FYI: I've noticed the combining chokes, ammunition, and different firearms is a lot more of an art then a science with hard and fast answers. By Iggy42, February 13, 2016 in Shotgun - Technical. as for the "is it worth it. Quote; Link to comment Share on other sites. Using the supplied and installed Ithaca Plus Briley Modified choke, we printed patterns at 40 yards with a variety of pheasant medicine, finding that yes-- the Ithaca shot where it was supposed to, right on the money at 40 yards with beautifully centered patterns. Briley MFG, 1230, Lumpkin Rd, Houston, TX 77043 NEW HOURS! Briley Thin Walls for Briley Threaded Barrels. Browning Arms Company Morgan Utah, Montreal P. 95 each. Cyl. It has 30 inch barrels almost 31 with the extended chokes. Save Share. 020. The inline hammers and firing pins make the most efficient use of kinetic energy and offer some theoretical advantages. As for the chokes themselves, I like Briley and Trulock. Sure I will try a Briley tube, and will be glad to post the results right here on Predator Masters. Original owner couldn't find a 24 inch barrel, so he had one made. briley, kicks etc. Conclusion. choke gave 61%, a 2-1/4 in. I HAVE INCLUDED LOTS OF PICTURES WHICH SOMEONE ONCE SAID ARE WORTH A A 25 percent longer parallel section and no-wrench-needed installation and removal sweeten the pot. $325. Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting Vittoria (J686SJ0V), 12ga, 30', 3", (G65603) Price: In stock Share - Set of 6 Six Briley Spectrum Beretta Optima HP Choke Tubes With Case. Although it has the same metallurgical properties at Steelium Pro, the forcing cone length of 14 inches falls between the 682 (2½ inches) and DT11 (19 inches). I've started this thread three times now and erased everyting I wrote, so I'm going to just get on with it. 12 gauge Browning Invector Choke Tube (. 99 for a case of shells is hard to beat. I may not be smart but I can lift heavy objects I have a shotgun so I . 025 constriction delivers more pellets on target at longer distances . skb over under 12 gauge in amazing condition over, under, around and through. Midas Chokes. FT: Glock 43 with upgraded sights and taran tactica: WTB: Mossberg Shockwave: FS: Glock 21 gen 3: FS: Sig MPX : FS/FT: Kel Tec Sub 2000: FS: t3 lite. My hunting buddies all use the Comp-N choke. Fixed chokes, or titanium choke tubes from cylinder to super full, are standard, as is the fine-chequered select Turkish walnut stock with adjustable comb. did last year by Briley cost was a little over $500. The Blaser is a radical new design with an exceptionally low-profile, fast-lock time and back bored barrels equipped with first-class Briley extended chokes (cylinder, skeet, modified, improved modified and full). I have a Briley choke designed for Hevi-Shot, that I've been shooting out of my gun. 2,298 Posts. Excellent Condition - No issues. Muller Chokes backs this guarantee with a 60 day money back guarantee on all our . 2,061. Link to comment. The transition area between the choke and the bore is called the tapered or the conical part (teal) of the choke; this area provides us with the transition geometry between the shotgun choke and the bore of the shotgun. 750 with a parallel section length of O. I had spent my whole weeks grass cutting money on this box of shells wanting to see if I was getting my money's worth. So, he went out and bought fancy ceramic muller chokes (one IM, one F, one XF) at $80 a piece to make him better. They have saved shotgunners a lot of money in the process. Choose from flush fit, extended, ported, super extended & super extended ported! With over 2000 Teague chokes to choose from, you are sure to find exactly the choke you require. 020″ constriction against a Briley 2X extended choke of exactly . 0 out of 5 stars 2 product ratings. – . Was: RC Cartridges manufactured in Italy. BROWNING 12GA CITORI O/UThe Poly-Choke offered fingertip choke change. 7467 Winchester 101 field 28 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod(rare caliber and choke) RED W on pistol grip cap denotes 1 st 3 years of production,all original, Winchester, butt plate, AA++Fancy Walnut,2 white beads, vent rib, ejectors, 97% condition, correct box,s/n, barrell length and choke, but 12ga, mix up at factory ? dont miss this one. Contact Briley at Briley Manufacturing, 1230 Lumpkin, Houston, TX 77043, tel: 800-331-5718, <www. Far more than one and other manufacturers sell stripper type chokes to wad wizard are an example, im sure some body will be along soon to tell you they work very well. More sharing options. You can order just the 20ga Ultralights tubes for $695 with different choke tubes or a complete subgauge set of Briley Side-Kicks inserts for $799. 99 shipping. Briley. You DID mike and pattern the chokes that came with your gun, didn’t you? . You bring up a good point. com> and tell them what you want. SusqieSavior24. "and do you go ported or not?" For shotguns, porting is virtually ineffective For less money, Herstal Group offers more satisfying product in the Maxus, Silver, and SX3 line-up. Is it worth the money to buy the extended chokes? Looking forward to your wisdom. Visit Us! Briley MFG, 1230 Lumpkin Rd, Houston TX 77043. Furyan Posts: 41 Joined: March 5th, 2018, 8: . I prefer the #4 shot so i went with the . One point worth noting about the F3 is that it has a special ejector system known as the Ejection Ball System or EBS. briley choke tubes. Barrel was originally a 28 inch Modified. Therefore, the long range tube will encompass a 3” or 2 ¾” wad allowing for the full pattern. The 12-gauge rifled tube I obtained for my test was manufactured by Carlson’s Choke Tubes of Atwood, Kansas and sports a slow, 1 in 35 rate of twist with a groove diameter of . The gas system the M4 uses is called the ARGO (Auto Regulating Gas Operated) system. Is it value for money? Well, using the configurator the price tag on this model, with 30in . Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 22 Posts. Perazzi 12 Ga. Tubes are Full Choke (51201) and Improved Cylinder (51204) R371 12 Gauge Screw In Choke Tubes 12 Ga. • Hazlehurst, GA 31539 (912) 375-5456 • Customer Service 3 hours ago · I've also heard you shouldn't ever run 00 buck through any type of screw in choke, but I've done it and not noticed any strange wear on my chokes or changes in patterning. 730 inches. Briley is a great company. choketube. If you choose to change chokes there are The choke of the barrel, colored red, is located at the other end of the barrel. GunAuction. Description: 1985 - Beretta A303 - 20ga, 2-3/4", 24" Briley Chokes, Facotry English Stock, LOP 14-1/4', Drop 1-7/16 to 2-1/8" Neutral Cast, Weight 6 lbs 1 oz. Here are the pictures of the results. You can usually get a good deal on Briley Chokes at the Grand American shoot held every year, with buy 1 get 1 free, but saving $50 and traveling 100 miles or more probably isn't worth the time. These are an exact match for the extended Midas Chokes that Browning had provided on their sporting clays models. WINCHESTER MODEL 1400 16 GAUGE 2 3/4 CHAMBER MODIFIED WINCHOKE SHOTGUN BARREL. It has been said the F3 has increased in price dramatically since it appeared on the market just a few years ago. About $60 is what it would cost but is well worth it. There are no segregation of equipments, just whatever fits your needs. In 1980, Nigel set up Teague Precision Chokes, which is now recognised as the Rolls-Royce of the shotgun choke world. No other name-brand manufacturer has a competitive product, not even close. At 25 yards, you will have a 40-inch spread with a cylinder choke. it depends entirely on what you are doing and what you expect out of your shotgun. 13-10-2010, 12:06 AM #17. These are premium Briley Replacement Chokes for Factory Threaded Barrels Choke Tubes which are manufactured to be the best in market with the highest quality shotgun, firearm, and rifle standards. if you are pigeon shooting for high stakes or top of the line clay killing then the briley is for you. I shoot a Muller U3 in my 725, but I'm only shooting 7/8 oz loads . Choke options for 12- and 20-gauge shotguns come in three models: Close, Mid and Long Range. jlmccuan , Dec 4, 2016 12 pointer. This choke in combination with the TRIBORE™ barrels allow the XLR5 to do what no other hunting shotgun can, use up to extra full choke without any negative effect on the firearm. the briley was the only option. I also suspect that people are willing to part with money for . screw in a Buck Gardner EXR, made with the same straight rifling Briley uses in its turkey choke tubes. Little pricey. "For the money, $1000 or so at discount retail, the new Red Label is quite an accomplishment. If you want choke tubes, Briley can do them but they have told me that they must be very accurately done. Location: Fort Worth, United States. Beretta chokes tube wrenches will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations. Steel tubes are more expensive. When I shot my Citori and slowly changed my chokes over to Briley extended chokes. Worth it or hype? Your experience with them? I have a new 10 that takes browning chokes and needing a couple extreme range chokes. Welcome to our teague chokes department - we offer over 1000 Teague chokes. And that’s it. One thing to watch: while the TriStar supplied chokes fit the TT-15 and my other Beretta/Benelli Mobilchoke gun (and they patterned well), I had trouble getting a Briley choke in . Changing chokes is mostly a waste of time and money. Buying from them ensures performance, quality, and longevity. Benelli.

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